Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ypsilanti in the News

Last semester I worked on a redevelopment project for the City of Ypsilanti. My team's project focused on providing a revitalization plan for the Cross Street Commercial District which borders Eastern Michigan University (If anyone is interested in reading it, let me know via email, and I'll send you a PDF copy). Many people in the area are down on Ypsilanti, as its' economy is in the dumps, taxes are high, and it has a very gritty feel. I personally really enjoyed working in Ypsilanti, especially with the local residents who remain strongly committee to their town, despite the less than stellar leadership from many in the local government and business organizations.

That leadership deficit might be changing. According to this article in Crain's Detroit Business news, it appears that some housing projects are in the works, and from what I know about these developers, they have a history of good work in my hometown of Grand Rapids. I'm also happy that it mentions some of the work done by our Urban Planning class last winter. I am hopeful about these housing developments, although these projects alone will not bring Ypsi from the brink. The redevelopment project along Water Street, as well restored intergovernmental revenue funds, will help to return Ypsi to fiscal well-being.

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