Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Everyone Loves Raymond?

Sorry for the long blogging absence. I have had a very busy semester this fall, with a masters project, Michigan football games, church activities, a needy cat, and spouse (nearly twice as busy as I) all taking rightful time away from the webblog. My apologies.

I learned many years ago that relaxing is a good thing, especially when you sit at attention most of the day. Over the past six months I become particularly attached to Everyone Loves Raymond, a show that I used to roll my eyes at a few years earlier. Some might say that I've become a sentimental person; to that I can plead guilty, although such traits have long manifested themselves in me (One of my favorite weepers is the Notebook, I occasionally catch myself reading Readers Digest, etc). I must admit that I haven't been watching much of the Colbert Report of late, due in part to the strike and the fact that I'm either asleep or working on homework at 11:30pm.

Everyone Loves Raymond appeals in many ways to my love of routine. While the writing in the show is decent, the story line revolves around conflicts that are familiar to most families; in-laws, siblings, and other mundane details that make life so interesting and alive. Yet this tension works into a nice routine as well, as an effective relationship is able to incorporate this tension into daily life. While the show is scripted, makes me laugh and nod my head at the same time.

If anyone wants to read a great critique of the show, check out this article from a few years back.