Friday, September 12, 2008

Movie Review: Dark Knight

I normally do not write about movies, but I cannot pass up mentioning the Dark Knight, which Susan and I saw yesterday. This movie was well done, and while not being a comic book fan or a devote follower of the previous Batman series, I appreciated Director Chris Nolan's exploration of good and evil in a world of chaos vs. order.

At first I couldn't get past using Chicago as the scene for Gotham City, but the more I think about it, the more Chicago is a perfect place to explore many of the themes that Dark Knight delves into. The acting for the movie was also excellent, and I'm sorry that I will not get to see Heath Ledger an any future movies. His performance was excellent, and I am sure that he will get nominated for a Best Actor next year.

That said, I think that Aaron Eckhart is perhaps the most unappreciated American actor in recent years. He did a great job putting a human face on Harvey Dent, and a warped one on Two Face. Let's hope that Nolan does another sequel that focuses on Two Face v. Batman.


Joel said...

I haven't seen this movie yet, although after reading your review I think I'd like to. (I've read several other good reviews as well).

Jon Vander Plas said...

I really liked the movie as well. I heard someone say that Ledger's death might have made people underrate his performance because all the praise appears kind of obligatory. I hope he wins the Oscar.

Another movie that Sarah and I saw recently that we enjoyed was the Coen brothers' new one - Burn After Reading. Pretty funny, in the Coen brothers offbeat style.