Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mapping Success: Kent County 2008

Per popular demand, I have created some maps on the precinct-level to better show what happened in Kent County in 2008. The first map is the Democratic baseline for 2008 (I've edited this map to incorporate the data from the northern-most municipalities, which I did not add previously).


Compare this to the 2006 Map:


The 2008 results with the House District boundaries in:


Thinking ahead to the State Senate race in 2010, the Democratic baseline for the 29th District was 58% 2008, compared to 49% in 2006, and 42% in 2002. Check out this nice map of the 2008 results:


Compare it to the 2006 results:


Our success in 2008 came in the urban/suburban core of Kent County. In 2006 the picture looked like this:


In 2008 this was the story:


As Bill Harris noted earlier, you can really see the decline of the GOP in the inner suburbs of EGR, Kentwood, and Wyoming. Time for a new direction in Kent County politics.

Finally, an updated map of House District 73:


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