Thursday, August 20, 2009

Roundup of West Michigan State House filings

Although the 2010 elections are more than a year away, many candidates are starting to file for a chance to run. I've reviewed the filing data posted at the Michigan Secretary of State's website at the link provided below:,1607,7-127-1633_8723_8751---,00.html

I've linked a Google document of the State House and State Senate candidatea that will continually be updated through next May's filing deadline.

West Michigan State House Analysis:
Thus far a few filings of interest:

District 60 (Status: Strong Democratic)
As previously mentioned, with Representative Robert Jones running for the 20th State Senate District, Democratic candidate Sean McCann is running for the seat (filed August 3, 2009).

District 70 (Swing Seat)
First-term Democratic Representative Mike Huckleberry has drawn his first GOP challenger Edward Sternisha (06/23/2009) in a seat that will certainly draw a lot of Republican attention next year. Sternisha has a bare-bones website that notes he is partially done with law school and uses colored text. He also counts meeting GOP folks as endorsements.

District 71 (Swing)
This is Eaton County district is a place where the Democrats have a good chance of making this a competitive race with GOP Representative Rick Jones running for the State Senate (District 24). Two Republican candidates are running, Deb Shaughnessy and Cheryl Lynn-Haddock, while Robert Robinson is looking for the Democratic nomination.

District 77 (Safe Republican)
With Republican Representative Kevin Green term-limited from this Wyoming-based seat, Tom Hooker seeks the GOP nomination. On website he currently has one endorsement-from his Baptist Pastor

District 86 (Safe Republican) This district covers the eastern suburbs of Grand Rapids, and is currently represented by Republican David Hildenbrand. While attorney Jordan Bush is expected to run for the GOP nomination, another attorney named Jamie Frain has filed (8/6/2009).

District 87 (Strong Republican) Brain Calley is attempting to run for the State Senate (District 33), and Mike Callton has filed for the Republican nomination (5/6/2009).

District 91 (Weak Democratic) Previously covered yesterday, Ken Punter is running for the GOP nomination in this suburban Muskegon County seat. Whether Holly Hughes attempts to run again as the Republican nominee is another question. No Democratic candidate has emerged yet to replace Valentine.

District 92 (Safe Democratic) With Doug Bennett term-limited, two Democrats are looking to run for the urban Muskegon County seat. Larry McNeill and Marcia Hovey-Wright are both in the ring, with Hovey-Wright considered to be the leading contender.

District 100 (Leans Republican) With Geoff Hansen term-limited and running for the State Senate (District 34), Jane Drake and Jon Bumstead have filed for the GOP nomination.

District 102 (Strong Republican) Republican Darwin Booher is term-limited, and Republicans Linda Howard and Jeremy Mishler are seeking the nod.

Not too much earth shattering news in these filings, but my guess is that there will be a lot more candidates announcing this fall. I would bet that there are going to be some competitive GOP primaries in Districts 70, 73, 77, 86, and 91, while Democrats will likely have competitive primaries in Districts 60 and 92 (both safe Democratic seats). More later.

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