Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MI-2nd District: Kuipers (R) running

This makes the race so much more interesting. From the GR Press:

Although his GOP rivals have a considerable head start, state Sen. Wayne Kuipers insists the 2010 2nd congressional primary is still there for the taking.

“This is the earliest I have ever gotten in a race at any level,” said Kuipers, who is poised to formally announce his campaign in Holland on Saturday. “So, no, I don’t think it’s too late.”

His chief rivals include former Buffalo Bills tight end Jay Riemersma, of Holland; former state Rep. Bill Huizenga, of Zeeland; and Fruitport businessman Bill Cooper.

Read the full article here:

While Ballenger might think that the race is going to be competitive between Huizenga, Kuipers, and Riemersma, I think that Kuipers announcement puts another punch into Huizenga's gut that follows his weak 3rd quarter fundraising numbers. It will be very interesting to read the 4th quarter reports.

If Cooper can run a campaign akin to what Hoekstra ran in 1992 (an outsider with a zany campaign), he might be able to do well with three Ottawa County candidates pounding each other.

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