Tuesday, October 27, 2009

State House District 91: GOP Primary: Holly Hughes (R) running

The GOP is set for a primary for the 91st State House District. From a conservative blog:

Holly Hughes announced that she is entering the race for the 91st also. With both Ken and Holly in the race for the Republicans, the field is set. There will be a Primary come Aug. 2010.

Holly ran in 2008 for the 91st and lost. She has name recognition not to mention all of her signs from that race. She will be hoping to take that advantage from her loss into this race to put her over the top.

This race is turning into a classic “David and Golliath [sic]” match up. Holly has the money and political connections and knows how to play the game while Ken Punter is a fresh face and running his campaign on a shoestring and a lot of effort.

Unlike the GOP primary for the 34th State Senate District between Hansen and Farhat, Hughes clearly becomes the front runner in this primary. She has the big pockets, and the experience from last time. Still, it is nice that the GOP is tied up with a primary.

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