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State Senate and State House Candidate Filings and News Roundup: January Edition

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With 2010 not even a month old, there have been numerous candidacy filings. Listed below are the candidates in the past month. If you want to see the database with all candidates who have currently filed, please contact me at

State Senate

District 7 (Status: Swing)
This district has seen four candidates emerge, and one depart. Democratic State Representative Marc Corriveau (1/13/2010) and former Democratic Representative Kathleen Law (1/16/2010) have both filed to seek the Democratic [ nomination].

With Corriveau’s entrance into the race former Republican Representative John Stewart (who is running as a Democrat) has departed from the race [ race]. Corriveau is an extremely effective legislator who has a reputation for winning tough elections, winning election in 2006 in seat that was thought to be a safe Republican district, although Law might prove to be stiff competition in the a Democratic primary.

Facing either Corriveau or Law will be Republicans Colleen McDonald (1/7/2010) or Abe Munfakh (12/28/2010). Munfakh currently serves as a Trustee on Plymouth Township Board, while judging from Colleen McDonald’s twitter feed, she had worked for an auto dealership for 26 years before it was forced to [ close].

District 10 (Status: Leans Democratic)
This Macomb County district covering Sterling Heights, Utica, Clinton Township, and Roseville has attracted its second candidate to replace term-limited Democratic Senator Michael Switalski (who is seemingly challenging US Representative Sander Levin in the 10th District). As noted by the [ Macomb Daily News], former Macomb County Prosecutor Carl Marlinga (1/4/2010), has filed for the Democratic primary and immediately became the Democratic front-runner for the seat.

Marlinga will face Macomb County Commissioner Paul Gieleghem, in the Democratic primary. No Republican has yet filed for this seat.

District 20 (Status: Swing)
While recent news stories has focused on Representative Larry DeShazor’s official campaign [ announcement], Chris Newland has filed (12/21/2009) for the Natural Law Party nomination. Newland worked for Pfizer for 8 years and currently works in the chemical industry.

District 29 (Status: Swing)
In this swing seat, Grand Rapids City Commissioner David LaGrand (1/6/2010) filed to district[ run] for the 29th State Senate district. LaGrand ran a vigorous race against Republican Senator Bill Hardiman in 2006 and narrowly lost. Given LaGrand’s experience with running for the 29th once before he will be a strong Democratic candidate for this district.

On the Republican side, it looks like David Hildenbrand will have company, as Lori Wiersma of Grand Rapids has filed to run. Ms. Wiersma has not filed for a reporting waiver, which means that she could be a viable candidate. Wiersma is a Ministry Director at ACTION Wyoming, and is a member of the Christian Reformed Church, attending Shawnee Park (in the heart of the diminishing GOP stronghold on the southeast side). She endorsed Tim Doyle in his 2006 run for the 75th State House seat.

District 33 (Status: Strong Republican)
While he filed last April, Republican State Representative Brian Calley officially [ announced] his candidacy this past weekend for District 33, which is being vacated by term-limited Republican Senator Alan Cropsey.

The 33rd District includes Ionia, Clinton, Montcalm, and Isabella Counties. No Democratic candidate has yet filed, although Calley will face Republican Michael Trebesh, who has taught at Alma College for over thirty ears. Trebesh apparently has an ample warchest, although Calley will have plenty of funds as well.

State House

District 7 (Status: Safe Democratic)
Alfred Williams (12/24/2010) has filed to run against incumbent Democratic Representative Jimmy Womack. Williams also filed a waiver saying that he won’t raise more than $1,000, which means his candidacy isn’t too serious.

District 23 (Status: Weak Democratic)
Patrick Sommerville (1/4/2010) has filed to run against first-term Democratic Representative Deb Kennedy.

District 39 (Status: Swing)
A product manager at Realtime Technologies, Karl Sipfle (1/7/2010) has filed to join Albert Clawson and Caryn Devaney in the Republican primary. Given that Clawson has filed a financial waiver, the Sipfle and Devaney will likely be the leading candidates to face off against Democratic incumbent Lisa Brown, who won a tightly contested seat in 2008. This will be a general election race to watch in 2010.

District 51 (Status: Swing)
Talk about someone who wants to have his cake and eat it too: Republican State Representative Paul Scott has filed to [ run] for Secretary of State and for reelection to the Michigan State House.

Scott has entered some hot water with his campaign for Secretary of State over the past few months, and a complaint has been filed against him in Genesee County. If Scott does leave his State House district, this will be a prime pickup opportunity for the Democrats, who have narrowly lost this seat for the past four cycles.

District 54 (Status: Safe Democratic)
The list of candidates to replace term-limited Representative Alma Wheeler Smith continues to grow. David Franklin (1/4/2010) filed to join three other Democratic candidates.

District 55 (Status: Weak Democratic)
Russ Angerer (1/5/2010) has filed to replace his Kathy in the State House. Angerer, who is a decorated Vietnam veteran, works at Eastern Michigan University as a lead custodian. Angerer joins Michael Smith in the Democratic primary. However, given that Smith has filed a financial waiver, Angerer is currently the front runner. Whoever wins the Democratic primary will face Republicans Rick Olson or Joseph Zurawski in general election.

District 62 (Status: Weak Democratic)
Fresh from getting walloped in the special election in the 19th State Senate district (running as an independent against Republican Mike Nofs and Democrat Marty Griffin), Steven Mobley has filed (3/6/2009) to run against first-term Democratic Representative Kate Segal. A supporter of the Michigan Fair Tax, Mobley is a late joiner to the Republican Party, and will face an uphill battle against the popular Segal, who won convincingly in 2008.

District 65 (Status: Weak Republican)
Quick to take advantage of the death of Democratic Representative Mike Simpson in late December, Republicans Joe Rokicsak (1/11/2010), Mike Shirkley (1/11/2010), and Frank Bolak (1/6/2010) have all filed to run. No Democratic has filed yet to run for this seat the Democrats desperately need to win to hold their majority in the State House.

District 68 (Status: Safe Democratic)
Another candidate files to run against Democratic incumbent Joan Bauer. Timothy Moede (1/7/2010) has filed a financial waiver, so it is unlikely that his candidacy will amount to much in this safe Democratic seat.

District 73 (Status: Safe Republican)
According to a Grand Rapids Press [ article], Republican Tom Norton (12/16/2009) has filed to term-limited Republican Representative Tom Pearce.

District 75 (Status: Weak Democratic)
With current Democratic State Representative Robert Dean considering a run for the State Senate, Kent County Commissioner Brandon Dillon has filed paperwork to run for the 75th State House district. I’ve done an [ analysis] of the 75th District earlier this fall, and expect Dillon to be a strong candidate.

Republican Jordan Bush will face either Dean or Dillon in the general election.

District 83 (Status: Weak Republican)
With Democratic Representative John Espinoza term-limited (and running for the State Senate, Eric Tubbs (12/21/2009) has filed to run in the Republican primary. Tubbs owns an auto dealership, and faces businessman Justin Farber in the Republican primary. Democrat Alan Lewandowski has filed for the Democratic nomination.

District 85 (Status: Swing)
This swing district continues to attract candidates to replace term-limited Republican Richard Ball. Dennis Rainwater (1/13/2010) has filed for the Republican nomination, while Pamela Drake (12/26/2010) is the first Democratic candidate.

District 86 (Status: Safe Republican)
Walker Mayor Rob Verheulen has filed to run for Republican Representative David Hildenbrand’s seat. He currently faces attorney Jamie Frain in the Republican primary, although Verheulen is a strong favorite.

District 99 (Status: Swing)
Two more candidates have filed to run for this seat being vacated by term-limited Republican Bill Caul. Carl Hamm (1/5/2010) has filed for the Democratic nomination, although he has also signed a financial waiver, and will not seriously challenge Toni Sessions for the Democratic nod. Kevin Cotter (12/22/2009) has filed to run in the Republican primary, where he will face Chrstine Atwood.


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